Rotating fish boxes


Fish box 15 kg

FACH-PAK fish boxes are used in the widely understood fish industry, i.e. both on ships and in processing plants, fish markets and retail outlets. Fish boxes are compatible with the H1 system of hygienic reusable pallets. The use of top quality material guarantees resistance to harsh working conditions. These types of containers meet the most stringent hygiene requirements and have a drainage system. They can be nested and stacked and are easy to handle.  They have excellent load capacity and strength. They can be used at temperatures from -20° to + 80°C.
Item no.: FP-60
External dimensions: 600x400x180 mm
Stacking: rotary container, atackable at 180 degree
Colour: white | red | blue
Load capacity: 15 kg
Weight: 1,88 kg
Operating temperature: -20/+80 C
Handles: 2
Material: Polyethylene HDPE
Pallet/packaging unit: 100 pcs.

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.